where it all began...

This video below sums up the reasons behind my ever growing craziness about safe and clean cosmetics. Before watching I had no idea about any of this. Like most people, I believed that if I was buying something in a store, then it had to be safe...right? Wrong. 
Once you learn something bad it's kind of hard to unlearn it. I've always enjoyed the ritual of make-up so I had a pretty modest sized collection of the not-so-good-chemical-makeup going on but after all the discoveries I made researching this subject, I wasn't enjoying my morning routine like I had before. It used to be fun. Now I just felt like I was doing my body a disservice.. that it wasn't worth the chemicals on my face. 
I began to look into the alternatives. And I was so happy to discover that there are SO MANY safe and clean choices out there. And no, they are not more expensive, and they do work. I'm starting to rant already. This is what this topic does to me! There will be many more rants to come for sure.
So please watch the video below if you haven't already seen it and tell me what you think.